Jan Vogler

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Label: Sony Classical

Release date: 07/18/2008

Piazzolla: La Muerte Del Ángel
Piazzolla: Obilivion
Piazzolla: Le Grand Tango
Piazzolla: Four For Tango
Piazzolla: “Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas”
Schulhoff: Alla Tango Milonga (from Five Pieces for String Quartet)
Piazzola: Libertango
Moritzburg Festival Ensemble
Mira Wang, Colin Jacobsen – violin, Nicholas Cords

“In their interpretations of Piazzolla’s most famous works, including “La Muerte Del Angel” and “Libertango”, the ensemble led by cellist Jan Vogler recognises both the form’s decadent morbidity and the jazz and modern classical influences Piazzolla introduced, most impressively in the 10-minute “Le Grand Tango”, where they contribute respectively to its erotic abandonment and refined control.” – The Independent

“Vogler forges elements that cohere into a muscular whole and delivers what he promises. He uses the arrangements of Piazzolla associate José Bragato, a cellist himself, who was adept in re-creating the textures of Piazzolla’s bandoneón-led group on traditional instruments. He picks Piazzolla pieces that, although not the obvious “classical” ones except for the string quartet Four for Tango, are shaped by classical models, with special emphasis on fugal textures. He adds a fascinating non-Piazzolla piece to the mix: the “Alla Tango Milonga” movement from the Five Pieces for String Quartet of Erwin Schulhoff, a composer generally mentioned in connection with his demise in a concentration camp but whose music is well worth exploring on its own merits. Top it off with moody, intense performances that liberally draw from Piazzolla’s own style, and you get a very strong choice for those wanting to start out with Piazzolla from the classical side.” – Allmusic

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