Dresdner Musikfestspiele announces 2019 theme “VISIONS”

560 320 Jan Vogler USA

From the Dresden Music Festival, Jan Vogler shares a message about the upcoming season:


On the following pages, we would like to introduce the 2019 season of the Dresden Music Festival to you. Its motto is »VISIONS«. Visions are an important resource in the evolution of humanity and a fundamental element of artistic inspiration. With this theme, I would also like to commemorate the founding of the Bauhaus 100 years ago. What a ground-breaking aesthetic reorientation, renewing the definition of culture, taste, quality of life and sustainability, far beyond the confines of architecture!

Our program covers a wide span, ranging from visionary precursors of past centuries to works and concepts inspired by the Bauhaus movement – in reverence to the great founders of the culture of modernism. It is, however, far more important to learn from history and observe our own times attentively. We could use a new Bauhaus movement: a central role of culture in our democratic society could give our life as a community more meaning and quality, could strengthen commonalities andprevent conflicts. The Bauhaus founders dreamed of a world that would be more just, in which everyone would have access to the arts, to aesthetics and culture. 100 years later, it is time to renew this vision and bring it to fruition.

I invite you to browse the following pages, discovering concerts and concert formats with interesting offers for every taste; programs that incorporate the motto »VISIONS« in many different ways, and might even inspire you to consider your own, personal visions. At the same time, I wish to thank all the public and private sponsors who have supported our efforts for many years.
I look forward to our encounters at the 2019 Festival.

Yours, Jan Vogler, Intendant