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Press Review: Poet Amanda Gorman gives special performance at Carnegie Hall

2560 1707 Jan Vogler Germany

by NADINE MATTHEWS February 22, 2024 Poet Amanda Gorman gives special performance at Carnegie Hall Amanda Gorman with cellist Jan Vogler at their recent performance at Carnegie Hall. (Photo by…

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Press Review: Mashup of Amanda Gorman and Bach at Carnegie Hall

1440 1920 Jan Vogler Germany

February 18, 2024 by Jan Herman 2 Comments If I had been asked who would be the main attraction of Saturday night’s Carnegie Hall mashup between the poet and the…


Artist Check-in with Cellist Jan Vogler

2560 1689 Jan Vogler Germany

The Strad Interview: Poetry is a bridge to music’ – Jan Vogler on his collaboration with poet Amanda Gorman

2560 1707 Jan Vogler Germany

13 FEBRUARY 2024 The German cellist tells The Strad how the interdisciplinary project, which will put Bach alongside modern poetry, took form Photo: Marco Grob Jan Vogler Discover more Featured Stories like this…

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Press Review: Amanda Gorman’s poetry and Bach’s music offer joint message of hope

1380 920 Jan Vogler Germany When internationally acclaimed cellist Jan Vogler saw Amanda Gorman recite a poem at President Joe Biden’s inauguration in 2021, he instantly became a fan. „What I admire about Amanda is her…